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Who We Are:

Soficiel for Digital Solutions is one of the most promising Egyptian companies, which is subject to the Egyptian Investment Law No. 72 of 2017...
Soficiel works in the field of communications and information technology, designing, developing software applications for mobile and computer of all kinds
Soficiel is concerned with the analysis and design of software, databases, digitizing content in its various forms from sound, image, data and converting it into electronic content.


Just as the lamp is not the evolution of the candle, our application also transcends its counterparts


Soficiel applications are acting like the instant bridge between you and medical services, legal advice...etc. to accomplish the daily needs.


We will keep your data and personal information secure, maintaining the privacy of your data and transactions


Our applications implement what you want and achieve the desired purpose with direct and simple steps

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45 Qumbez، Nadi Al Sayd, Dokki, Giza Governorate - Egypt


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